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Beer Brunz Ltd. is a craft brewery site in Vinci, birthplace of Leonardo.
The production started in 2008 at Empoli, neighboring town.
Already after the first few months of activity, requests for beer from clients increased such as to lead to a considerable enlargment of our production.
In the Brewery, opened in 2012, we realized a production plant producing 12hl and a cellar of 12 fermenters 25hl.
The production amounted to now to 4000hl year, both bottles 330ml, 750ml and steel drums and PET.
Recipes of Beer Brunz are continuous improvement study to refine the taste and aroma that distinguishes it.

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Brunz-Da Vinci-Dark Artisan at Malt Farro-330mL

This Italian Bitter Ale beer is an American style bitter ale produced at top fermentation. 

Intense ruby colour, with a plentiful and persistant foam, thanks to the American hop that gives a lemon aroma.

Use of special malts such as the English crystal which gives body and a good malt profile.

$ 4.99 / Bottle $ 5.27 / Bottle
Sold by: Pack Size 24

Brunz-Da Vinci-Golden Ale - Blond Ale-330mL

This Italian Golden Ale beer is made from German malts and English East Kent Golding hops. Those specific malts and hops permit to enhance the aromas.

Golden-yellow, very refreshing, with a final bitter sweet taste, creamy foam and fine bubbles. 

$ 4.99 / Bottle $ 5.27 / Bottle
Sold by: Pack Size 24
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