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Drink in Style


Drink in Style, the exclusive Australian distributor  of a unique and creative product, designed and handcrafted in Italy. This is a quality product of Artigiano in Fiera, the world's largest fair of professionally handmade products, Vinstrip. 

VinStrip’s ingenious design transforms itself from a flat disc into a fun & modern wine carrier, more products are available such as Glass Holder, Glass decorations, Candle and Vase Pot holder, bags and more... Designed and manufactured of colourful, soft, non woven, leather-like cloth.

VinStrip is soft, lightweight and environmentally friendly. VinStrip is durable, recyclable, waterproof, odourless and non toxic. 

Designed by Diego Cavaliere, Verona, Italy.

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Vinstrip Wine & Spirit Bottle Carrier (1 Piece Per Pack)

The Vinstrip bottle carrier combines high quality design and practicality. This product is designed to accommodate one 750ml wine, oil or liquor bottle in a totally safe and uniquely elegant bottle carrier. In addition the product is Eco-friendly, sewable, heatproof and water resistant!
$21.20 $26.95

Vinstrip Wine Glass Sling (2 slings per pack)

The Vinstrip Wine Glass Sling is designed to let you carry your glass of wine handsfree! Ideal for use during buffets, wine tasting and special occasions, the Glass Slings are practical, soft, reusable, and fun! In addition the product is Econ-friendly, sewable, heatproof and water resistant!
$33.90 $43.90
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