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AMPHORA 65% - Dark Chocolate - Cuvee

65% DARK CHOCOLATE A bold blend with 70% of the beans coming from a single plantation nestled within the ancient rainforests of Peru. Strong impressions of red and tropical fruit in the front palate, followed by complex layers of natural acidity which make it appear considerably less sweet than a common 65% dark chocolate. Free with every order: A Guide to tasting Chocolate & Wine.

GRAND CRU 75% - Dark Chocolate (Criollo & Forastero) - Cuvee

75% DARK CHOCOLATE A chocolate proud of its origins planted in the wild earth of Africa. It starts of by showing an intricate fruity/blossomy fragrance indicating the richness in tannins that gives it its defined cocoa flavour. There is lots of cherry and red plum breaking through the slight bitterness of the cocoa, finished by a hint of acidity in the back palate which tends to linger around for a bit. Perfect for the chocoholic preferring less sweetness and more cocoa. Free with every order: A Guide to tasting Chocolate & Wine.

SOLEO - 38% Milk Chocolate - Cuvee

38% Milk Chocolate Volcanic soil and the ideal climate conditions on the beautiful island of Java is what makes this chocolate truly outstanding. A rich milk chocolate that impresses with strong hints of caramel throughout the front palate, screaming dulce de leche all the way. The meticulous attention to detail during the fermentation and roasting process lends it its slight roast notes and a buttery finish. Free with every order: A Guide to tasting Chocolate & Wine.
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