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Dal Forno Romano Valpolicella Superiore Monte Lodoletta Corvina Rondinella Croatina Oseleta 2007 750mL

Valpolicella, as they conceive it to be, is a wine which can be defined from a multitude of related wines by the particular methodology they use to produce it. In fact, they faithfully follow the same qualitative and procedural criteria that they use for Amarone. It is enough to just think that, since the 2002 vintage, all grapes that go into the making of Valpolicella are subjected to a light but advantageous drying process which lasts around one and a half months. This process allows the wine to achieve an optimal balance between organoleptic concentration and olfactory freshness.


As a result of said procedure an intense aromatic wine is produced out of the norm of the category in which it historically finds itself placed.


Tasting notes:

Valpolicella offers hints of blueberry, blackberry, cherry and chocolate which emerge gradually as the wine breathes. The potent tannins, which give structure to this product, are in perfect symbiosis with the velvety aromas of sweet spices and jam which envelop the palate and excite the senses.

It is suffice to say that time can do nothing other than benefit a wine so extremely fresh and fruity.

Dal Forno Romano 

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