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Astrolabe-Experience Noble-Riesling-2007-375mL

This wine is very rich in apricot and citrus aromas. Sumptuous sweet fruit, with apricot and citrus peel flavours, and a honeyed texture. This wine will continue to develop rewarding flavour and bottle complexity with ageing, but is showing the most pronounced varietal characters in the first blush of youth!

$ 29.95 / Bottle $ 37.95 / Bottle
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Hobbs-Of Barossa Ranges-Grenache-2005-375mL

Semi-dried fruit, very much in the Amarone style. Sweet ripe berry fruit nose, with some raspberry and blackcurrant character. The palate shows lovely vivid, pure fruit with some sweetness. Really interesting stuff with lovely fruit quality. Fantastic with chocolate based desserts.

$ 26.00 / Bottle $ 52.90 / Bottle
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Torbreck-The Bothie-Muscat a Petits Grains-2013-375mL

Equally as enjoyable as an aperitif as it is with dessert, the 2013 Bothie displays beautifully fragrant aromas of fresh pine/lime, melon and lychee accompanied by extraordinary floral notes. The subtle, clean flavours of lemon sorbet, lemon tart and orange rind balance perfectly with the residual sugar creating a full, lush, round palate.

On a highland trail the place to stop and rest when weary is known as a Bothie. This sweeter styled wine exhibits lifted fruit aromatics characteristic of its origin.

A sweet wine at Torbreck was always going to be something slightly different and we've been tinkering away at it since 2001. Muscat Blanc a petit grains is harvested in several stages to achieve different levels of ripeness, creating a myriad of potential flavours. A small amount of spirit is added to the fermenting wine to arrest the yeasts against further activity and raise the alcohol level to around 14 percent.

$ 19.95 / Bottle $ 24.50 / Bottle
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